Biography of Ruby Rana (Miss Nepal 1994)

The first Miss Nepal, Miss Nepal 1994 and Miss Birgunj 1994, Ruby Rana, was born on 22 September, 1972 in Deharadun, India. Crowned Miss Nepal 1994 on 20 September 1994, Ruby completed on Miss Asia Pacific 1994 on 24 November 1994 as the official representative of Nepal.

Video profile:

She is currently working as a Marketing manager. She got married and she has a  teenage daughter.


Name : Ruby Rana Shah
Title : Miss Nepal 1994 (First Miss Nepal)

I love

  • Children
  • Traveling
  • Honest people

I hate

  • Liars
  • Pollution
  • Dirty politics
  • A Beauty Queen according to me…
  • is a role model who is beautiful, trendy, intelligent and has good moral values.

My favorite Nepali Beauty Queen
Usha Khadgi and Sugarika K.C

What my title means to me
The essence of beauty with a heart

A message to aspiring Beauty Queens
Beauty Queen is a woman of the new millennium- pretty, intelligent, opinionated and strong.

A message to those who are against beauty pageants
Its not only physical beauty, being women and beauty queens, we contribute our strength and courage for our nation.

Historical Photos:

miss nepal 1994 - participating in Miss Asia pacefic 1995

ruby rana swimsuit round miss nepal 1994

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