Richa Singh Thakuri in a cultural program in Panchthar, photo highlight

A cultural program featuring singing, dancing and comedy program was held in Panchthar on Tuesday. The program organized by a local organizer, Hamro Theater featured famous comedy artist Wilson Bikram Rai (Takme Budha), actress Richa Singh Thakuri, choreographer Dolma Moktan and musician/singer Tara Prakash Limbu.

In addition to the well known artists, local artists also entertained the crowd. The local artists played local musical instruments and their skills in playing them.

More than 5,000 locals enjoyed the cultural program held at Phidim HS School. Some photo highlights of the program are presented below:

Our friends at SerialSanar have more on the comedy of Takme Budho during the Panchthar cultural program.

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