Responses of Miss Nepal contestants after Subin Limbu became Miss Nepal 2014

These are the responses of the Miss Nepal 2014 contestants after the finale held on May 2, 2014. None of these responses were requested. They have written them on their own. We will update other responses if they choose to write. 

miss nepal 2014 winners prinsha subin and sonie

These responses are the proof that the Miss Nepal contestants are a bunch of positive-minded beauty with brains.

The winner, Miss Nepal Subin Limbu:

miss nepal 2014 subin limbu facebook message

The first and second runner ups are is yet to write any responses.

Update – Miss Nepal Earth, Prinsha Shrestha has posted a message saying that she will be a voice that spread awareness, knowledge and inspiration.

prinsha shrestha miss nepal experience

UPDATE (May 5) – Miss Nepal International Sonie Rajbhandari wrote her response:

sonie rajbhandari - miss international nepal

Ranjita Bhetwal says, participating in Miss Nepal was the best experience in her life.

ranjita bhetwal miss nepal contestant response

Neha Bajaj believes there is always something better is waiting for her.

neha bajaj - response after miss nepal contest

Priyanka Bhandari feels special for being one of the contestants of Miss Nepal.

priyanka bhandari response

Rashmi Adhikari says Miss Nepal was only a journey, not a destination.

rashmi adhikari response

Richa Bhattarai says she was very happy Subin Limbu won the title.

richa bhattarai response

Aastha Pokharel says being in top 5 was a feat in itself.

aastha pokharel response

Alisha Kunwar says loosing helps her to learn and it’s also important.

alisha kunwar response

Namita Gurung wished Subin Limbu win Miss World crown.

namita gurung _ facebook comment

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