Ramila Pokhrel is Teej Pari 2012

Teej Pari contest was held in Lazimpat Tourism Development Board on 16th bhadra 2069 (September 1, 2012). Out of the 10 participants, Ramila Pokhrel won the Teej Pari 2012 contest.

Romi Ghimire was crowned the first runner and Namrata Karki was crowned the second runner-up.

Teej Pari 2011, Himani Subba helped choreographer Kala Subba during the training of the contestants.

On the occasion of Teej, similar type of contest is being held in Pokhara – Chamchami Teej Song Contest.

The winners:





Teej contest Teej Pari started in 2010. The chief guest during the first Teej Pari contest was former crown Princess Himani Shah.

  1. Teej Pari 2010 was Kusum Bajracharya
  2. Teej Pari 2011 was Himani Subba
  3. Teej Pari 2012 is Ramila Pokhrel

teej pari_2010_2067

Photo credits – xnepali.com

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