Rakshya Thapa accused of hacking Samriddhi Rai’s Facebook

Miss Press Princess at Miss Tourism Queen Asia, Samriddhi Rai, has told that she has found the hacker of her Facebook account. To her dismay, the hacker was one of her friends and she was forced to invite the police to investigate the case when thing went physical.

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It seems, the culprit is Rakshya Thapa.

Samriddhi and ex-Miss Nepal Malvika Subba had accused Rakshya of cyber bullying and defaming in a report filed in criminal branch of police. Rakshya is accused of hacking Samriddhi’s Facebook account and creating a Facebook page called ‘Confession of Nepal Beauty Queen’. The Facebook page is used to distribute hate comments on Nepali models.

Rakshya’s father is a an SSP in police force. That was told to be the reason no investigation was done on Rakshya. Rakshya was asked to be present in the police station but, Rakshya’s family refused to send her telling that she is preparing to go to foreign country.  Later Rakshya’s mother arrived in the police station and later called Rakshya who had agreed not to do the same thing again. Photo credit – Rakshya Thapa.

Update – Photo of Rakshya with her father is removed on Samriddhi’s request. Samriddhi has told that she has forgiven Rakshya after she admitted her mistake and promised not to repeat it again. Samriddhi adds, “My only hope is that the person is really sorry and means it. ”

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