R.I.P. Ruja Shakya, air hostess of ill-fated Sita Air aircraft

Ruja Shakya was one of the killed in the ill fated aircraft that met with an accident today. The plane crash killed all 19 on-board including the air hostess, Riju. Riju Shakya had previously participated in the Miss Kavre beauty contest and almost won it. Although she couldn’t win the first place, she was successful in being the Miss Kavre runner-up.


Ruja had always wanted to be an air hostess and started her job after finishing air hostess training in March this year. After starting the work as an airhostess, she had promised her parents free mountain flights from complementary tickets she could get as an employee of the airline. But, she met with the crash before she could fulfill her promise.

Hawamodel team would like to offer our condolence to the families of the deceased in the crash. May the deceased souls including that of Riju Shakya rest in peace!


After her death, Rujs’s Facebook page has become an orphan.

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