Priyanka Karki Sexy Avatar in Malvika Subba movie How Funny Premier

Nepali actress Priyanka Karki was seen in a very sexy looks in the premier of her movie ‘How Funny’. The movie premiered days before its release on Friday features Priyanka Karki with Keki Adhikari and Nisha Adhikari. The movie produced by Miss Nepal 2002 Malvika Subba is directed by Nilu Doma Sherpa.

Video of the event:

It is interesting that a few days before the event, Priyanka had asked people not to call her a prostitute. By the way she dressed in the event, I suspect, Priyanka had written the request letter anticipating the probable response after wearing the dress.

Watch the video report on Priyanka’s letter to her fan:

Although it is common to wear revealing clothes in foreign countries, such clothes are not common in Nepali programs. In the following photo it seems, Priyanka is not wearing any underwear:

priyanka karki hugs deep shree niraula how-funny-premier show

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