Priyanka Karki and dining table experience

In an interview with Jayan Subba Manandhar actress and model Priyanka Karki told about her preferences for intimate moments. It is to be noted that the interview was taken prior to her divorce with her ex-husband Rochak Mainali. (2019 update) These days, Priyanka Karki is dating actor Ayushman Desraj Joshi. They had engaged in 2018 and are planning to get married this year.

In the interview, Priyanka says that she thinks such a relationship is very important and that such relationship before marriage shouldn’t be considered a taboo. At the time of this interview, Priyanka had returned back from the USA. While her husband at that time, Rochak Mainali, wanted to stay in the USA and Priyanka wanted to try her luck in the film industry. She decided to struggle in Nepal. The long-distance relationship didn’t work in favour of them, subsequently leading to divorce. It is rumoured that Priyanka had divorced Rochak even before she returned back to Nepal (before she did the interview). During the interview, she had told that she didn’t get much time to be with her husband. But she added, every meeting is special and exciting to her.

Priyanka told she doesn’t like people having multiple partners for intimate moments. She had told that she enjoys the traditional positions to the more experimental ones. She also likes experimenting and enjoying moments in various places like closet and dining table. The full interview in Nepali language is attached below. 

The Miss Teen Nepal 2005, Priyanka Karki, started her modeling career in 2004. After winning the Miss Teen title she acted in a lot of advertisements and music videos. She was the hottest sensation of the time until she went to the United States for her higher studies. Priyanka likes dancing, swimming and coin collection. Prianka was born on February 27 in Kathmandu, have 5’6″ height and is also called PK or Rose by her loved ones.

Read the interview:

priyanka_karki_interview dining table

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