Princess Nepal 2012, contest for ‘beauties without brain’!

princess_nepal_2012_logoNepalese Fashion Home has announced yet another beauty contest ‘Princess Nepal 2012’. In addition to asking our visitors on the number of beauty contests being held in Nepal, we have started analyzing the motivation behind such contests.

Beauty Contest Title – Princess Nepal 2012

Audition – 2nd Ashwin, 2069 (Sept 18, 2012) in Malla Hotel, Kathmandu

Although the title doesn’t have any significance in the republic Nepal, it is ok at the time when all the decent names for beauty contests are already taken.

Application Form:

The most highlighted thing the the application form is Rs. 800, the entry fee (click on the Form image for bigger picture).

Let’s analyze why this beauty contest is specifically designed for the "beauties without brain!!"

  • 1st terms and condition: "The applicant must agree to abide by all rules, as changed from time to time by the organizers." OK, they do change the rules "from time to time" and all should agree those unknown rules!! OMG what a requirement!


  • 2nd term and condition – Entry fee is Rs. 800 and event fee is Rs 8000. That is a huge investment for participation in an contest. Rs. 8,800 just to participate in a dumb beauty contest.
  • 3rd term and condition – Not married, not been pregnant, not divorced, not given birth to a child…. oh my god (thanks god, they didn’t mention about having sex).
  • 9th condition – Organizers are not responsible for the prizes they distribute. If a sponsor backs up, they don’t care. (And the dumb participants pay Rs. 8800 for such irresponsible organizers)
  • 10th condition, you don’t have any insurance. No insurance arrangement. Any loos or injury is participants’ responsibility. You may get killed by a falling lightening arrangement and they don’t care!
  • 14th condition, "organizers are not responsible for not-completion/non-occurrence of the event." Told you! They might keep all the money and tell you to go home.

Are you still interested in participating in this contest?

Disclaimer – we don’t know anybody in Nepalese Fashion Home and we have never done any communication with the business. This article is only based on the analysis of entry form and we will do similar analyses of all the forms we get hold to, irrespective of the organizers. Anybody can participate in discussions through comments below (admins approve all non-spam and non-chhada comments) .

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3 thoughts on “Princess Nepal 2012, contest for ‘beauties without brain’!

  1. i believe that u hav no rite to comment on other people’s business. I am 1 of the contestant of princess nepal and it really doesnt matter how u commented on princess nepal to me because those people who are busy pointing out others mistakes really dont have a strong recognition of their own. and 1 more thing, as a princess i forgive u for this because princesses have soft hearts.

    • Thanks Preshika. We are sorry if you are hurt but, we believe such a facts need to be analyzed and discussed in healthy manner.

      It would be better if you can point out the facts that are not true or half-true so that we can improve the article. Thank you.
      We wish you all the best for the contest.

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