Press Princess Samriddhi writes her Miss Tourism Queen Asia journey

After all, she is ‘Press Princess’ and she’s got to write it !

And, she did write the story the journey. Although it is a lengthy article, it’s fun to go through and by the time I was reading a few paragraphs I started believing that no one other than Samriddhi would have deserved the ‘Press Princess’ title!

Even the ‘boring cliché’ of complain isn’t that boring after all:

Miss China won. China had invested so much to fly in contestants from 37 countries, keeping them in a 5 star hotel and putting up a great show, with massive audience and a gigantic stage–  crowning their own delegate for the title seemed legit, I think.

miss china with samriddhi rai

About the smile:

Notice that smile in every single picture of mine? It is so hard to wipe off that smile -honest.

Wishing the smile never leaves the beauty and thanking her for the effort to let Nepal win the Miss Press Princess title let me share the link to the blog post she posted in her blog.

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