Pragati Shreshta is Miss BBA 2016

The beauty contest among the students of BBA, Miss BBA 2016, was held in Rastirya Naachghar, Jamal. In the contest, Pragati Shrestha was crowned this years Miss BBA title. In addition to winning the title, Pragati also won Best Smile sub-title.

miss bba 2016

Ashrna Shrestha was awarded first runner up title and Bini Niri Maharjan was awarded the second runner up title. Ashrna also won the Miss Rocking title and Bini won Miss intelligent title.

The beauty contest was held by Buzz Media and Events. Other sub-title winners include Samikshya Malla (Best Dress Corporate), Khima Budha (Miss Popular and Miss Friendly), Astha Sharma (Miss Photogenic) and Apsara Neupane was Miss Public Choice. award winner. The choreographer of the event was Jayan Subba Manandhar.

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