Pooja Luitel – Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

21 years old Pooja Luitel is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 105 lbs. Pooja hails from Kailua- Kona , HI. In three words, Pooja defines herself as confident, charismatic yet simple.

pooja luitel

Pooja loves music, dancing and solving puzzle. She is very good at solving Sudoku.

Pooja says that she is in the process of finding herself. She believes, participating in the pageant can give life new direction and open doors to new opportunities. She also expects to voice her opinion through the platform and make a difference in the society. Pooja always had passion to work for women right and their freedom. If she wins she will work towards that direction.

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pooja luitel smile

pooja luitel 2

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