Numa Limbu is Miss Bhutan US 2015

In the beauty contest, Miss Bhutan US, held on June 21, 2015 in the USA, Numa Limbu has been crowned the title. The second Miss Bhutan US, Numa LImbu, is a beautician by profession. Miss Bhutan US 2014, Prakriti Rai, crowned the new Miss Bhutan US. 

numa limbu miss Bhutan us 2015

The details of the event and the other winners is yet to arrive. Please stay tuned for more information on the second edition of Miss Bhutan US beauty contest.

The Himalayan Singing Icon 2015  title was won by Baba Rai. The Himalayan Thematic Short Movie competition was won by Team Nexus Creation.

Actress and Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi was one of the trainers and the judges in the contest (the following photo of Malina with the contestants was taken before the contest). The ‘Resham Filili’ and ‘Visa Girl’ actor Vinay Shrestha was also one of the judges in the contest. ‘Resham Filili’ is also being premiered in the Himalayan Festival.

malina Joshi with the Miss bhutan 2015 contestants

Some photos of Miss Bhutan US 2015, Numa Limbu:

numa limbu 3

numa limbu 2

numa limbu

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