Nepali Models from the past (Old posts consolidated)

I am consolidating the old posts in a single post so that they can be found in a single place.

All the models that are not active in the field will be added here.


Was originally published on 2011/12/17

A model from Pokhara, Anissa is a model with curvy body and beautiful face. Anissa can immerse into the situation and has an expressive face to go with.



Preeti Poudel, Nepali model

Preeti Poudel hails from Itahari and is currently lives in Kathmandu. Preeti is one of the many models struggling in Kathmandu to get recognized as a supermodel. Shel feels that the competition makes encourages her to work harder and helps in accomplish the perfection to become a successful model.




Etna Karki

Published on – 2011/11/19

Etna Karki is an aspiring model and was recently featured in Cybersansar and Sarasansar. Etna has acted in various music videos and participated in fashion shows. (We will post the gallery to the sites later).


Etna was one of the participants of Mr and Miss Rajdhani and she was selected Second Runner up and Miss Talent.


Etna Karki – bold model, bold interview


We had featured the model and actress Etna Karki in our previous post. Recently, she gave an interview in which she talked openly about sex and sex films. In contrast to the majority of Nepali models and actresses who try to portray themselves as ‘virgin’, Etna was bold to admit that she has sexual relationship with her boyfriend. Her revelation that she enjoy blue films also created a buzz in Nepal.

Time is changing and Etna represents the new generation of free and frank artists.

etna_karki_shows pan


Read the interview here. If you want to see photos of the model here are some links.

Ajita Singh

ajita_singh_pink_dressModel Ajita Singh is a 5’6″ tall model from Lalitpur. Ajita was the winner of Miss College Ambassador 2009-2010. She was also one of the top five in Miss Nepal 2010 contest.

Ajita has started her modelling career after the completion of BBA. To date, she had done four advertisement, three music videos and some stage shows.

Ajita likes reading newspapers and loves internet. Ajita had worked as a project manager for Group for Media Support, as a student member of faculty, research team Kathmandu College of Management (KCM) and as a group captain for marketing/organizational behaviour course (KCM). She had also received an appreciation letter for demonstrating Exceptional Leadership (KCM). Ajita is vegetarian and has dream to do Ph.D in economics, be a successful entrepreneur or a political figure in future.


Sumitra Shrestha


Sumitra hails from Dhangadi and she came to Kathmandu for further study in 2006. She is very interested in dancing and she has taken training on dancing and acting.


She has recently finished BBS and she is interested to act in movies. She is liberal in showing skin and she has told that she can expose as required by the story.


Kshitiza Shakya


Nepali model Kshitiza was recently featured in Kantipur website. Kshitiza has been featured in various advertisements, music videos and television programs. She has beautiful face and physique.



Kunchhang Moktan (Tamang)

May 15, 2009

Born on 22nd october of 1989, Kunchhang’s zodiac sign in Libra. The 5 ft. 5.5 inches tall model has a body structure of 32-26-35. Kunchhang has experience in acting in music videos, modeling photo sessions to be featured in websites and magazines. Kunchhang started modeling in the year 2003.

Although she loves modeling Kunchhang wants to become a psychiatrist in the future.


Link to gallery

Jyoti Khadka (Zenisha Khadka)


Jyoti started her career as a model and later became an actress in Nepali television and movies. She has a number of movies in her credits.


Gallery (Link to the original gallery not available). The model Jyoti Khadka was involved in a sex scandal with the comedy singer Prakash Ojha. Prakash was arrested and served in prison for the crime he did. The model turned actress, Jyoti later renamed herself as Jenisha Khadka.

UPDATE: Jenisha Khadka committed suicide in June 2012 and the reason behind her suicide is suspected to be related to her sex scandal. Jeshika had acted in a number of movies including ‘Jungle Queen’, ‘Mero Maya Timlai’, and ‘Jungle Love’.

Sushma Karki


Model and actress Sushma Karki is known for her sexy item dance in the movie ‘Loot’. ‘Udhreko choli…’ dance established her in Nepali movie industry.

Apart from acting in movies she is seen in a number of ads and stage shows in Nepal and out of Nepal.



Update – After her love affair with a director ended, Sushma found a new boy friend:
sushma Karki boyfriend

Namrata Shrestha

Nov 22, 2011

Namrata is considered to be one of the most photogenic face in Nepali Movie industry. Although taken aback by a sex scandal video, the actress hasn’t lost her composure and has recovered from the disaster of her life. Some consider Namrata a role-model for being strong, dedicated, and talented actress and model in Nepal. Some others haven’t excused her for her role in the scandal. But nobody can underestimate her courage to fight with the society and perform her best to win the hearts of the people in Nepali movie industry.

Namrata: Profile

Name Namrata Shrestha
Nick Name Neroo
Birthdate 14 June
Birthplace Dharan
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Education +2
Vital Stats 32′ 24′ 34′
Height 156 cm
Weight 42
Skin Color Fair
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Marital Status Single
Modeling started in 1997
Hobbies & Interest Dancing, Singing
Your biggest assets Dimple


How do you keep yourself in shape Roam a little, dance a lot and sleep more
Fav. Male Model Prashant Tamrakar
Fav. Female Model Cindy
Favourite Movies When Harry Met Sally, A walk to remember
Favourite Movie Artists Angelina Jolie, Stevan Seagal
Favourite Music Artists Bryans Adams, Eric Clapton, Enrique
Favourite Pastime Listening and dancing to dance anthems and being with my mates and just having a laugh
How often do you use Net? Your Favourite websites. What else do you do on the Net? Usually, often in college hours, when I use to be free!


Check mails sometimes chat & explore cool sites

Life is The mixture of sorrow & happiness, smile & tear, union & tragedy!
Modeling is An art, a profession, a way of publicity, representation of something shown publicly by models.
Fashion is Not just glamour & glitz. It’s the reflection of the way of living & prediction of trends in our social life
A good model should have Self confidence
Greatest Fantasy Making castle in AIR!
Turn ons Chilli Sauce
Turn offs Thick Books
What attracts you to the opposite sex Smile with good apperance
On blind date you would go out with Confused Ummmm…. thinking!!!
What do you think about modeling scene in Nepal?
In recent years it’s mushrooming all over Nepal. Growing faster & getting better every time. Hope for the best in coming year!
You describe yourself as A nature lover!
Commercials Performed “Distar TV”- Add

“Crunch Aloos”- Add


“Sangini”- Movie

Music Videos Performed

Song Title Music Artist
Aakha Ma Lukauki Pramod Upadhaya
Ko Hola Mamata
Timilai Herne Iris
Suneko Kura Seasons Band
Timro Nam Timi Bina Sabin Rai
Nai Nai Kedar Shrestha
Timilay Diyeko Karna Das

In addition, Music Videos of other singers like Raju Ishan, Karna Das etc.

Deepa Shree Niraula


Deepa Shree Niraula is a comedy actress. She is the assistant director of Tito Satya and is featured in the leading role of Tito Satya with Deepak Raj Giri.

Deepa had been very successful in film production after the success of ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ and ‘Woda Number Chha’. As of 2016, Deepa is directing her upcoming movie ‘Chhakka Panjja’.

Deepa is a good actress and a good dancer.



Ria Acharya – Miss Teen Green Nepal 2011

Ria Acharya is the winner of the first Miss Teen Green Nepal 2011. The beauty contest was organized in Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi on January 14, 2011.

Winning among the 26 other contestants, Ria thinks her self confidence is the greatest asset. Interested in painting, Ria wants to work for the United nations. As a model Ria wants to create a good personality and she has grown the dedication towards her work.


Benzu Shahi

Dec 8, 2011

Model from Pokhara, Benzu Shahi, is featured in


Photo by: Sanjay Shakya
Digital Enhancement: Surya Sunuwar

Benzu’s gallery (The website is not available anymore)

Rasmita Joshi

Mar 13, 2012

Model from Kalanki, Kathmandu, Rasmita Joshi was one of the participants of Miss Angel 2010. 5’3″ tall Rashmita’s likes include dancing, listening music and shopping.

Rashmita has been active in modeling since 2010 and aims to continue modeling in the future. She thinks, life is like a river where there are many ups and downs and everybody should be prepared to face anything.




Sahana Bajracharya

Dec 16, 2011

Shahana Bajracharya represented Nepal in Miss Earth 2010.  Sahana. She also represented Nepal in Miss Asia Pacific 2011 in which she managed to be selected to the to 15. But, she could go no further.

Her statement about her bikini photos, “…Oh dear country men, get over the bikini taboo please… ” was popular at that time. Sahana is considered one of the talented model in Nepali entertainment industry.


Sahana looks fabulous in the sky blue bikini. It would have been great if she had let go of the thread (may be worn during some religious ceremony) in her right hand.


More photos of Sahana Bajracharya in xNepali.

Sahana in blue bikini

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