Namita Gurung – Miss Nepal 2014 contestant and Miss Tamusyo 2011

The winner of Miss Tamusyo beauty contest in 2011, Namita Gurung, is one of the 20 contestants in Miss Nepal 2014. With Miss Tamusyo, Namita had also won Best Confidence award during the contest. She was appointed the brand ambassador of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP).

UPDATE (April 15) – While talking about herself, Namita defines herself as a ‘true personality’ not a ‘fake’ one. The best part of Miss Nepal training Namita found was the soul searching class. That was one of the classes where she could investigate herself and finds the real self. With this and other training sessions, Namita has felt being empowered.

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Namita was also the second runner ups of Miss Ecollege 2011 contest. The winner of the contest was Dikshya Shrestha. contest held

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Miss Tamusyo 2011:

miss tamusyo winners 2011

Miss Ecollege 2011:

miss ecollege 2011 winners

A modeling shot of Namita Gurung (left) with a friend.

namita gurung

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An article about Namita and her role on ACAP as a brand ambassador. The article was published in Kantipur.

namita gurung - kantipur article

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