Nagma Shrestha celebrated birthday on November 15

It’s Tithi birthday – not an actual birthday by date but a birthday according to the traditional Nepali calendar. On that day the birthday is celebrated in traditional way.

Nagma has shared some photos of the celebration.

nagma shrestha birthday 2015

Usually, there is no birthday cake on the Tithi’s birthday. But, Nagma had birthday cakes and the triational birthday celebration.

nagma shrestha birthday 2015

These birthday celebrations are the event to thank the god for the birth and ask for the prosperity.

Nagma is a TV presenter and producer at Image Channel. She is Goodwill ambassador of Ujyalo Foundation, Childreach Nepal. She was the Miss Earth Nepal 2012. In the Miss Earth 2012 contest, Nagma Made it to the Top 8 list (being the 7th in them). She had also won the silver in Mural Painting in Miss Earth 2012. Nagma’s swimsuit post one of the most popular posts in team wish Nagma a very happy birthday and wish her all the successes in her life.

nagma shrestha beauty

A video:

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