Music video director accused of rape attempt

A music video model has accused music video director Shiva BK of raping her. The popular music video director and choreographer BK however refuses such claims of the model.

shiva bk with rajesh hamal and karishma manandhar

Photo – A file photo of Shiva BK with and Karishma Manandhar.

According the unnamed model, BK had called her for photoshot in his office at Putalisadak. The model says that BK had offered a tea with some tranquilizers in tea. When she saw something in the tea, she switched it to BK’s tea. She also claimed that BK got influenced by the drug and tried to rape her under influence.

According to an online magazine, NepaliKala, the model has claimed  that BK was following her for some time.

The director who has been active for the last 17 years in Nepali music industry reject such accusation. Shiva says that the model was in his office and she did the photo session. But, he didn’t try to take advantage of her. He said, “She is like a sister me and I do respect my models.”

Shiva has told that he would take proper step to take action against such accusation.

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