Mrs. Nepal, each should sell 45k tickets and pay entry fees

mrs_nepal_2012_logoWe started analyzing Terms of beauty contests with a contest for Princess Nepal, the contest for ‘beauties without brains‘. Now it is time to analyze another Terms, terms and condition of and upcoming beauty contest, Mrs. Nepal 2012. The details of the contest is:

  • Audition:  28 Mansir 2069/ 13 Dec 2012
  • Training: 7 to 27 Poush 2069/ 22 Dec to 11 Jan 2013
  • Grand Finale: 29 Poush 2069/ 13 Jan 2013

The winner will participate in Mrs. International Competition held on July 27th & 28th in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Analysis of Mrs. Nepal 2012 – Terms and Conditions:

First of all, the language is odd, with some careless mistakes in the terms.

  1. Terms 1: Confusing words to state the contest is for 21-56 years old females. I don’t know how they come up with such odd numbers: why not 20 or 50 or even 55?
  2. Terms 6: Contestants are not allowed to post "inappropriate picture / language" in Facebook or MySpace. There are tons of other social networking sites and the term allows to post anything in other websites. And, it doesn’t define what is ‘inappropriate’. For example, it is not clear if posting a photo of a street protest is appropriate or inappropriate.
  3. Terms 7: "Contestant agrees to be personally interviewed by the judges in Audition, talent round and final." What does ‘personally interviewed’ means? Does it mean to be interviewed alone?
  4. Term 9: The contestant needs to have a "sponsor" for entry fee. Term 17 says that the non-refundable application fee is Rs. 500 for audition. That means, they have more ‘hidden’ charges once the contest starts. If it requires a sponsor, the fees would be pretty high. One should be aware of organizers who don’t tell you everything beforehand!
  5. Term 10: All contestants should sell "at least 20 – 30 pageant tickets" (well, what is the least? 20 or 30?). Tickets cost Rs. 500, 1000 and 1500.each. If it is 30 tickets at Rs. 500 earning per participants is Rs.15,000. If it is 1500 tickets it would be Rs. 45,000 per participants. These organizers want to save cost of hiring a marketing and sales employee and ask the participant to do their job for free (even, pay to do their job).
  6. Term 12: One hole in each ear and all other piercing/hole should be removed. How can one remove piercing holes? Traditionally Nepali are used to have more than one hole in ears and on nose. Does this condition meant to bar the ladies who pierce their noses?
  7. Term 13: This contest is not for Smokers! Sorry gals.
  8. Term 14: Forget about personal freedom. Every personal appearances shall be approved in advance by Pageant Director.

The Mrs. Nepal 2011 was held in May 2011 and Rojina Gurung had won the title.


Mrs. Nepal 2012 – Terms and eligibility:


Mrs. Nepal 2012 Application Form (A copy of online form)

Mrs Neapl _application_form

Disclaimer – we don’t know anybody in Eplanet and we have never done any communication with the business. This article is only based on the analysis of entry form and we will do similar analyses of all the forms we get hold to, irrespective of the organizers. Anybody can participate in discussions through comments below (admins approve all non-spam and non-chhada comments) .

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4 thoughts on “Mrs. Nepal, each should sell 45k tickets and pay entry fees

  1. why there is very less publicity of mrs nepal ?? even most of the ppl dont know wen it start and finish so it will be better to have more and more publicity..!!!

    • Hi Sophi,
      The organizers should make an effort to publicize the event.
      We will surely write about it if they do something important to write about.
      Thank you for your concern.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Respectfully, I would really like to ask you if the qualification of a Mrs. Nepal participant must have?
    And please as earlier, Sophi has asked you there is extremism of Mrs. Nepal though why the management wouldnt’ focus on it?

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