Mr. and Miss. FB Nepal 2012

A new type of contest was organized in social networking site Facebook titled Mr/Miss FB Nepal contest. The contestants were asked to send an email with two of their photos and a short profile to be shared in the contest page. The selection of the winner was done solely by the number of likes the contestant get in their photo.

The last date of the consideration of the voting was set on October 31st and the result was announced on November 4, 2012.

The winners of Mr/Miss FB Nepal contest are:

  • Mr. FB Nepal  – Chandra Rana
  • Miss. FB Nepal – Alisha Bastakoti



At the time of this writing, on Nov. 8, 2012 (Note the likes were valid and counted only before Nov.1): Alisha Bastakoti had 1546 likes, 49 shares and 445 comments (most of the comments were for the congratulation message)


And, Chandar Rana had 2115 likes, no shares and 63 comments.


Our view on the contest:

This is new experiment and a fun experiment – that went well. This is not a beauty contest and shouldn’t be taken as such. The only talent one requires to win such contest is a social networking skills. By the amount of likes the winner got, we would be very skeptical on the social networking skills of the winners.


First, the organizer’s  FB page had only 13,575 likes that is a very un-popular page to start such a contest. But, the participation was surprisingly huge with 242 female participants and 886 male participants.

One more thing, the organizers don’t have a long term vision. The winner is told to get a chance to be featured in a music video and "free tickets on the upcoming event of KTM Dj Services".  We suspect if the ticket price of the DJ event is more than a ticket price of a movie show.

We think, this was an event with a huge potential with more than 1000 participants but wasn’t done right. It was like making fun of the participants. We don’t want to talk bout the page being "Verified Official… " [sic].

Incoming search terms:

  • mr nepal
  • congressdk4

One thought on “Mr. and Miss. FB Nepal 2012

  1. First of all we did not promise Video for the winners but we promised it for some of the participants selected by our Director. And the Photo Shoot is over. The images will be posted soon & we do not intend in getting likes but for people to be connected and to select one candidate with valid votes(LIKES FOR THE PHOTOS AND THE PAGE AS WELL) would win the contest.

    Mr/Miss Fb Nepal Admins

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