Model Khusbu Oli and Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ relationship

UPDATE (August 6, 2014) – Khusbu admitted her relationship with Chari after he was killed by the police in a so-called encounter. A more detailed account of Dinesh Adhikari is posted here.

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There was a media report that ex-Miss Teen and model Khusbu Oli had visited Singapore and Goa with a gangster popularly known as Chari – Dinesh Adhikari. But, Khusbu has said that the report is not true. She told, the rumor was spread to defame her. Khusbu also challenge the reporters to check her passport for such visas.

khusbu Oli and dinesh adhikari chari

Model Khusbu is actively participating in social work by establishing a children rehabilitation center at Bishalnagar. She accused the so-called friend of ‘Chari’ – Arpan Koirala for spreading the rumor. Khusbu told, ‘Arpan is my friend. I had helped him to get out of his drug addiction.” But, she also added, she had refused him as a boyfriend. That was the reason he wanted to defame her.

Khusbu told that she had actually went to UK for the graduation ceremony there. About ‘Chari’ all Khusbu had to tell was, “He is my family. That is all I can say now. I will tell more when time comes.”

Khusbu was Miss Teen 2006.

Khusbu-Oli- graduation in UK

Khusbu, we will be waiting for the right time !

khusbu Oli 1

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7 thoughts on “Model Khusbu Oli and Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ relationship

  1. She is so stupid. How can anyone tag herself with a goon like Dinesh Adhikari. She is a famous media personality and she had been dating Dinesh. This speaks volume about the mentality that the girls in our part of world suffer from. They chase looks and money rather than substance in a man. I have no words for her stupidity, but believe me there are many other innocent women/girls who get carried away and tag themselves along with likes of Dinesh Adhikari, Sexy Milan, Chakre Milan, Raju Gorkhali, Deepak Manange etc. And look at her, how blatantly she is defending that lover of hers and is alleging the cops. Well Miss Khusbu Oli, if you ever happen to visit this forum, this is what I have to say. He should have been killed long ago and not only him but all those goons who claim themselves to be the “DONS” need to be wiped off from the society.

  2. I asked a fren (probabaly the same age as that of Khusbu Oli ) should he had befriended her, she could have had a decent life. But was replied that Khusbu Oli prefered gun to a pen……

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