May 182013

The final result of the beauty contest Miss Tourism Queen Asia 2013 are available and it’s a no surprise deal that Miss China was crowned the title. In 2012 the crowning of Chinese beauty in Miss World 2012 was also a controversial decision of the organizers and this years many believe the history has repeated. There is a high chance that such a result cause credibility crisis when future contests are organized in the country.


miss tourism queen 2013 winners

Final result:

  • winner : China, Zhejiang
  • 1st runner-up : Tajikistan
  • 2nd runner-up : ChangMai, Thailand
  • 3rd runner-up : Cebu, Philippines
  • 4th runner-up : Mongolia

The fate of the Nepali representative to the contest, Samriddhi Rai is not known. We will updat with the details later.

Incoming search terms:

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  1. […] the Miss Tourism Queen Asia 2013 beauty contest held in China Miss China won the crown and our Nepali representative Samriddhi Rai managed to win Miss Press Princess […]

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