Miss Rai 2015 talent show held

The talent show of the 16 participants of Miss Rai 2015 was held in Kathmandu on Tuesday (January 27). Most of the participants of the beauty contest had shown their dancing skills. Some contestants had read essays and poems. One of the contestants showed her singing talent.

Dancers: Shristikala Rai, Supriya Rai, Purnima Rai, Poonam Rai, Sima Rai, Ranjana Rai and Chandani Rai.

Essay by Smita Rai, Sneha Rai, Prtina Rai, Najma Rai and Nisha Rai.

Poems by Salina Rai, Jenita Rai and Eli Rai.

Singing by Pabitra Bantawa Rai.

The contestants were provided personality development and grooming training. They were also trained in Kirat tradition, rituals and rules. Photo shoots and field trips to strategically important places.

The final contest of the third edition of Miss Rai will be held on February 1 in Pragya Pratistan.

miss rai 2015 contestants

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