Miss Rai 2014 contestants

The Baraha Jewellery Miss Rai 2070 (Miss Rai 2014) is going to be held on January 15 at Old Sinamangal Kathmandu. The beauty contest among Rai girls is conducted to promote Kirat/Rai culture and language among young girls. The contest is held among girls of age between 16-24 and of height more than 5 feet.

According to Kirat culture, the Yale Sambat is running on 5074 years. So, some also prefer to call it Miss Rai 5074.

miss rai contestnats

The contestants of this year’s Miss Rai are :

  1. Kala Rai
  2. Bhawana Rai
  3. Urmila Rai
  4. Smita Rai
  5. Soni Rai
  6. Mamta Rai
  7. Urmali Rai
  8. Manju Rai
  9. Gamala Rai
  10. Kabita Rai
  11. Pratima Rai

Photos of the contestants:

1. Kala Rai

Bhawana Rai

Urmila Rai

Smita Rai

Soni Rai

Mamta Rai

Urmali Rai

Manju Rai

Gamala Rai

Kabita Rai

Pratima Rai

Photo credit – Miss Rai organizers

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