Miss Purwanchal 2015 contestants

The contestants of Miss Purwanchal 2015 are :

The photo profiles of the contestants:

Contestant No.1 – Sharupa Thapa Magar

19 years old Sharupa lives in Dharan, is 5′ 2″ tall. Sharupa likes singing and dancing  and she also likes making new friends.

1 – Sharupa Thapa Magar

Contestant No.2 – Smriti Shrestha

Smriti is also 19 years old and lives in Dharan. Smriti likes dancing and traveling.

2 – Smriti Shrestha

Contestant No.3- Priyanka Shrestha

Priyanka Shrestha is 18 years old Biratnagar resident beauty. 5′ 6″ tall Priyanka likes dancing and drawing.

3- Priyanka Shrestha

Contestant No.4- Mishal Shrestha

18 years old Mishal Shrestha lives in Itahari. The 5′ 4″ tall beauty likes dancing and debate.

4- Mishal Shrestha

Contestant No.5 – Bidhya Chauhan

20 years old Bidhya Chauhan lives in Dharan. She likes acting, dancing and singing.

5 - Bidhya Chauhan

Contestant No.6 – Samuna Limbu

19 years old Samuna Limbu lives in Kerabari,Morang. Samuna loves dancing and traveling.

6 – Samuna Limbu

Contestant No.7 – Puja Khadka

20-years old Puja Khadka lives in Dharan, Sunsari. Puja loves singing.

7 – Puja Khadka


Contestant No.8 – Sanju Malla Thakuri

19 years old Sanju Malla Thakuri is a resident of Chandragadhi, Jhapa. Sanju likes travelling and dancing.

8 – Sanju Malla Thakuri

Contestant No.9 – Saira Magar

19-years old Saira Magar lives in Letang ,Morang. She likes dancing.

9 – Saira Magar

Contestant No.10 – Pramisha Bajracharya

18-years old Pramisha Bajracharya lives in Damak, Jhapa. Pramisha likes dancing, singing and travelling.

10 – Pramisha Bajracharya

Contestant No.11 – Ishmita Thapa

22-years old Ishmita Thapa lives in Gaighat, Udayapur. Ishmita’s favorite time pass is web-surfing and photo sessions.

11 – Ishmita Thapa

Contestant No.12 – Anu Rai

20-years old Anu Rai lives in Dharan. 5 feet  and 5 inches tall Anu loves Zumba dance and also wants to be a Zumba Instructor in future.

12 – Anu Rai

Contestant No.13 – Lotus Chamling

20-years old Lotus Chamling is a resident of Itahari, Sunsari. Lotus loves photography  and wants to be a photographer in future.

13 – Lotus Chamling

Contestant No.14 – Anita Thapa

20-years old Anita Thapa is a resident of Gauradaha, Jhapa, Sunsari. 5’4″ tall Anita likes dancing and reading.  She is interested in culture. In future she wants to become a health worker.

14 – Anita Thapa

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