Miss Newa 1137 is Ishu Shrestha (Miss Newa 2017)

The beauty contest among Newar girls, held on February 8, 2017 in Kathmandu had 28 beauties competing to win the 12th Miss Newa crown. In the contest held in Kathmandu participants from all over Nepal had competed for the crown.

In the finale, Ishu Shrestha won the silver crown and Rs. 30,000 in cash prize. The first runner up of the contest was Ojashwi Shrestha and the second runner up was Shristi Khadki. Ojashwi won Rs. 20,000 in cash prize and Shristi won Rs. 15,000 in prize.

In the contest held to promote the culture of Newar community and knowledge and transfer it to the new generation, the contest was organized by Nepalese Fashion Home. In the event, singer Nisha Deshar and the artists of Dance Academy had performed their presentation.

Other sub-title winners were:

  • Rose Maharjan – Miss Talent
  • Amazina Maharjan – Best Nepal Bhasha and Miss Public Choice
  • Agya Karanjit – Best Dress
  • Monima Khadgi – Miss Elegant
  • Binita Dangol – Miss Friendship
  • Roshna Shrestha – Miss Charming
  • Krijana Dangol – Best Smile
  • Lelina Bajracharya – Best Skin
  • Samita Shrestha – Best Hair
  • Salina Shrestha – Miss Discipline
  • Palpasa Shrestha – Miss Personality
  • Samita Shrestha and Merina Manandhar were Miss Social Welfare Ambassador.

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