Miss Nepal Subin Limbu is not interested in acting

There are some Miss Nepal who had tried their luck in acting in movies. Although none have been successful actress, acting has been one of the most attractive profession for them.

subin limbu miss nepal 2014

In an interview to a daily Miss Nepal 2014, Subin Limbu has told that she is not interested in acting. She would rather go in business sector. A choice of business as a profession for a business student does make a perfect sense. At the same time, none of the previous Miss Nepal who had tried their luck in acting haven’t been much successful.

First Miss Nepal Ruby Rana is still acting in movies, Jharana Bajracharya had acted in a number of movies but hasn’t been able to establish herself as an actress. Malvika Subba and Malina Joshi have also acted in movies.

In the interview, Subin told that Miss Nepal is all about inner beauty like talent rather than the outer beauty.

Another video interview:

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