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General Miss Nepal reports

These are the post not related to a particular Miss Nepal event. They cover more than one Miss Nepal or the Miss Nepal contest events. Posts related to individual contest events are listed in the “Miss Nepal and Miss Nepal events” heading, below.

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Miss Nepal and Miss Nepal events

Miss Nepal 2016

  • The winner is Asmi Shrestha.
  • First runner up is Roshani Khatri
  • Second runner up is Barsha Lekhi
  • Miss Talent is Sirjana Regmi
  • Beauty with Purpose is Pratima Dawadi

Miss Nepal 2016, News update

Miss Nepal 2015

  • The winner was Evana Manandhar.
  • First runner up was Dibyata Vaidya
  • Second runner up was Medha Koirala
  • Miss Talent was Puja Shrestha
  • Miss Bubbly and Best Complexion was Nishma Choudhary
  • Most Popular was Nuning Limbu
  • Scholar of the year was Sudipa Pathak
  • Miss Friendship was Sonu Thapa Magar
  • Beauty with Purpose was Rebika Chhetri

News updates:

Miss Nepal 2014

  • The winner was Subin Limbu.
  • First runner up was Prinsha Shrestha (dethroned)
  • Second runner up was Sonie Rajbhandari
  • Third runner up was Pranayana KC
  • Fourth runner up was Astha Pokharel

Miss Nepal 2014 News updates:

Miss Nepal 2013

  • The winner was Ishani Shrestha – Biography of Ishani Shrestha.
  • First runner up was Rozisha Shahi Thakuri
  • Second runner up was Shritima Shah
  • Miss Talent was Sipora Gurung

Miss Nepal 2013 Updates

Miss Nepal 2012

  • The winner was Shristi Shrestha.
  • First runner up was Nagma Shrestha
  • Second runner up was Subeksha Khadka
  • Third runner up was Neelam Chand
  • Fourth runner up was Bandana Tandukar

Miss Nepal 2012 News Updates:

Miss Nepal 2011

  • The winner was Malina Joshi
  • First runner up was Anupama Aura Gurung
  • Second runner up was Sarina Maskey
  • Third runner up was Manisha Bista
  • Fourth runner up was Neha Paudel

Miss Nepal 2011 Updates:


This blog started in 2010 so, I don’t have the at the time update of the contests earlier to the year 2011. I will update on the information about those earlier contests in future. So far, some of the information compiled

Miss Nepal 2010

  • The winner was Sadichha Shrestha
  • First runner up was Sahana Bajracharya
  • Second runner up was Sanykuta Timalsena
  • Third runner up was Samriddhi Rai
  • Fourth runner up was Ajita Singh

biography of Sadichha Shrestha

Miss Nepal 2009

  • The winner was Zenisha Moktan.
  • First runner up was Richa Thapa Magar
  • Second runner up was Kunchhang Moktan Tamang
  • Third runner up was Aayusha Karki
  • Fourth runner up was Reetu Shakya

News updates:

Although Miss Nepal 2008 was canceled, 20 contestants had completed the training sessions. The event was canceled on the final day, August 9, 2008.

Miss Nepal 2007

  • The winner was Sitasma Chand – Biography of Sitasma Chand.
  • First runner up was Bandana Sharma
  • Second runner up was Shewta Singh
  • Third runner up was Bibha Prajapati
  • Fourth runner up was Babita Manandhar

Read the biography of Sitasma Chand here.

Miss Nepal 2005

  • The winner was Sugarika KC
  • First runner up was Shavona Shrestha
  • Second runner up was Ayushma Pokharel
  • Third runner up was Bilena Malla
  • Fourth runner up was Pratiksha Moktan

The full list of winners of Miss Nepal 2005

Miss Nepal 2004

  • The winner was Payal Shakya – Biography of Payal Shakya
  • First runner up was Sarah Gurung
  • Second runner up was Anita Gurung
  • Third runner up was Mamta Malhotra
  • Fourth runner up was Harina Bogati

A biography of Payal Shakya is available here.

Miss Nepal 2003

  • The winner was Pretty Sitaula
  • First runner up was Prerana Shah
  • Second runner up was Numa Rai
  • Third runner up was Rupa Upadhyay
  • Fourth runner up was Ramani Joshi

Miss Nepal 2002

  • The winner was Malvika Subba.
  • First runner up was Pinky Shah
  • Second runner up was Lhama Yangchen Sherpa
  • Third runner up was Aparna Shah
  • Fourth runner up was Suchitra Acharya

Article updates:

Miss Nepal 2000

  • The winner was Usha KhadgiBiography of Usha Khadgi
  • First runner up was Biva Maya Ranjeet
  • Second runner up was Jasmin Shrestha
  • Third runner up was Smriti Singh
  • Fourth runner up was Rajeswori Shrestha

Biography of Usha Khadgi (Miss Nepal 2000)

Miss Nepal 1999

  • The winner was Shweta Singh
  • First runner up was Nikita Bhandari
  • Second runner up was Kshatriya Kripa Shrestha
  • Third runner up was Subani Buramagar
  • Fourth runner up was Ritu Subba

Miss Nepal 1998

  • The winner was Niru Shrestha
  • Original winner was Jyoti Pradhan (Dethroned)
  • First runner up (Niru was crowned after Jyoti was dethroned)
  • Second runner up was Sreejana KC
  • Third runner up was Prabha Amatya
  • Fourth runner up was Kriti Shrestha

Miss Nepal 1997

  • The winner was Neelima Guurng
  • First runner up was Charu Joshi
  • Second runner up was Sarita Gyawali
  • Third runner up was Sangita Shrestha
  • Fourth runner up was Rupa Thapa


Click here for the Biography of Neelima Gurung.

(L t R) Sarita Gyawali (Second runner up), Neelima Gurung (Miss Nepal 1997), Charu Joshi (First Runner up), Rupa Thapa (Fourth runner up), and Sangita Shrestha (third runner up)

Miss Nepal 1996

  • The winner was Poonam Ghimire
  • First runner up was Tsering Lhamo Zunglo
  • Second runner up was Binita Gurung
  • Third runner up was Kala Subba
  • Fourth runner up was Shova Chand

The contestants of Miss Nepal 1996:

Miss Nepal 1995

  • The winner was Sumi Khadka
  • First runner up was Rita Gurung
  • Second runner up was Trishna Thapa
  • Third runner up was Kalpana Kunwar
  • Fourth runner up was Elena Ranjit

The contestants of Miss Nepal 1995:

Miss Nepal 1994

  • The winner was Ruby Rana.
  • First runner up was Annu Radha Pudasaini
  • Second runner up was Beenu Shrestha
  • Third runner up was Indira Thapa
  • Fourth runner up was Latika Maskey

List of contestants of Miss Nepal 1994

March 18, 2016 – Added link to Miss Nepal 1997, Neelima Gurung biography
April 7, 2016 – Update on the contestants of Miss Nepal 1995 and Miss Nepal 1996.
April 27, 2016 – Update on the childbirth of Miss Nepal 2002 Malvika Subba and Miss Nepal 1997 Jharana Bajrachary.
November 12, 2016 – Updated “unmarried Miss Nepal” video added. Barsha Lekhi’s People’s choice award report.

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