Miss Nepal contestant visited Bottlers Nepal

The sponsor of Miss Nepal beauty contest, Fanta producer, took the Miss Nepal 2014 contestants to visit it’s factory at Balaju Industrial Area. Fanta is producers by Bottler’s Nepal also produces Coca Cola and other pop drinks.

Miss nepal contestnats Rajnita; Sitoshna; Rasmi, Richa

One of the representatives of the company told that the collaboration with Miss Nepal has benefited the company in being involved in social works.

Fanta has been sponsoring Miss Nepal beauty contests for the last two years. The official Name of Miss Nepal is also named after the sponsor – Fanta the Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2014. After the color of the drink, contestants’ t-shirts are also designed in orange.

Miss Nepal contestants are being trained by choreographer Rachana Sharma Gurung, ex-Miss Nepal Sweta Singh, Malvika Subba and Raj Bhai Suwal for the finale to be held on Baisakh 19. (photo credit

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