Medha Koirala – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 1

The contestant number 1, Medha Koirala is a resident of Kathmandu. 20 years old Medha is 5’5″ tall and has strong passion towards acting, singing and writing. In her school days, she participated in activities other than studies. She has participated in Interschool Bridge Building competition and has also logged in 100 hours of social work in Pharping.

Video profile of Medha Koirala

1 medha koirala

She likes to dance, write articles and blogging. One of the articles she has written and published in The Kathmandu Post is attached below. She is a Wushu player and she also likes cricket.

Medha spires to be a diplomat and she is confident that the training she receives during the preparation of Miss Nepal will be very helpful in her future.

Medha’s Facebook profile –

Photos of Medha:

medha koirala

Medha Koirala

medha koirala article in tkp

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