Sristee Bhattarai – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 3

The contestant no. 3, Sristee Bhattarai is a resident of Shankhuwasabha. 21 years old Sristee is 5’4″ tall and is a second year student of BBA.

Video profile of Sristee:

shristee bhattarai (1)

Sristee says that she is a very adventurous person and loves to travel and explore new places. Hiking, dancing and music are her favorite pass time. Being a daughter of a government officer, Sristee has traveled most of Nepal. In future, she wants to travel to every corner of the world.

Sristee is a basketball player and she also likes watching football and cricket.

This is the fist time Sristee has participated in any beauty contests. Her Facebook profile address is:

shristee bhattarai (2)

shristee bhattarai (4)

shristee bhattarai (5)

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