Miss Nepal 2014, keep your expression on guard

In the following photo, taken during their Bottlers Nepal visit, Grishma Basnet looks at her co-contester Rashmi Adhikari. In the photo taken by the organizer, Grishma doesn’t’ look much happy.

grishma looks at rashmi adhikari during Botlers nepal visit miss nepal 2014

Participating in a beauty contest demands the participants to be camera ready all the time. They are usually followed by camera and they should always be in guard of their appearance, behavior and conducts.

In this contest, a Facebook page, Missiology Nepal, has pointed out the photo of Miss Nepal 2011, Shristi Shrestha, smiling and posing for photo while she was talking in phone.

We hope the 19 contestants of Miss Nepal 2014 learn lesson from the photo and keep themselves in guard when they are in public events.

shristi shrestha -smiling and posing for camera while she was talking in phone

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