Miss Nepal 2014 contestants go offline in Closed Camp for the finale

On the day 39, the contestants of Miss Nepal 2014 went offline as they approach the grand finale. In the closed camp being held in Hotel Radisson phone, internet and personal visits are off-limits.

Before heading to the Closed Camp, one of the contestants, Sonie Rajbhandari said, “As I pack my bags and embrace the adventures that lie ahead of me, I cannot help but thank each and everyone of you who has stood strong beside me in this journey.”

sonie rajbhandari before closed camp miss nepal 2014

Sonie adds: 

When I look back to the last six weeks, I have no doubt that this has been the most enriching and defining experience of my life. I immersed myself in an absolutely rich and challenging environment while making lasting friendships – not just with a dynamic group of young ladies, but with everyone from our choreographers and photographers, to the organizers, make-up artists and all my mentors. My sincerest thanks to you, my friends on Facebook and beyond, for being my support system and my pillar of strength in this glorious journey!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I gear up to make you so, so, so proud of me in these last three days leading up to the Grand Finale Friday evening! Signing off, Sonie Xx

Another contestants, Rashmi Adhikari says, “Its a final day to bid good bye to all the supporting hands who were there for me through out my journey. I would like to thank you all for your unconditional love, support and encouragement.”

Contestant Varsha Rai says, “Its been a month away from home. For me, its been like year. But it was worth it. Being a part of this beautiful and prestigious platform of Miss Nepal that many of the girls dream of, I feel so fortunate. Meeting the other talented and stunning ladies has made my journey a memorable one.”

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The official details of the final Pageant Nite:

miss nepal final

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