Miss Nepal 2012 contestants

This year’s Miss Nepal beauty contest is going to be held contested among 17 contestants.

UPDATE: – Shristi Shrestha won the contest. Shristi represented Nepal in the Miss World 2012 and was successful in becoming one of the most successful Miss Nepal in Miss World contest.

Nagma Shrestha was declared the first runner-up and Nepal’s representative to Miss Earth. The second runner-up was Subekshya Khadka – the Miss Nepal International. Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi crowned the new Miss Nepal in the event held in Annapurna Hotel in Kathmandu.

Miss Nepal 2012 winners

The Miss Nepal 2012 beauty contest contestants are as follows:

Contestant 1 – Sonam Singh
Contestant 2 – Nirmita Subedi
Contestant 3 – Shristi Shrestha
Contestant 4 – Nagma Shrestha
Contestant 5 – Subekshya Khadka
Contestant 6 – Bandana Tandukar
Contestant 7 – Heena Shrestha
Contestant 8 – Prasansa Rana
Contestant 9 – Neelam Chand
Contestant 10 – Dilasha G.C.
Contestant 11 – Rashmita Maharjan
Contestant 12 – Anjali Pradhanang
Contestant 13 – Pronika Sharma
Contestant 14 – Akasha Bista
Contestant 15 – Sabita Manandhar
Contestant 16 – Alisha Kunwar
Contestant 17 – Indira Rai










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4 thoughts on “Miss Nepal 2012 contestants

  1. C1 – Sonam Singh ..pahila aakhi bhaun milayera aauna, looking typical medical student
    C2 – Nirmita Subedi ..jau, aina herna birsera aako rahechhau
    C3 – Shristi Shrestha ..competetive, inetrnational standard
    C4 – Nagma Shrestha ..just big house
    C5 – Subekshya Khadka ..so innocent, n simple
    C6 – Bandana Tandukar ..looks like ghamndi, false facial experession
    C7 – Heena Shrestha ..learn to select cloths
    C8 – Prasansa Rana ..beautiful, complete package
    C9 – Neelam Chand ..attractive, bright n beautiful
    C10 – Dilasha G.C. ..oi luri, pokhara kai beijjat garyau
    C11 – Rashmita Maharjan ..fit for manager post, anyway welcome
    C12 – Anjali Pradhanang ..alik kam wuffra, fyatta mukh nakhola
    C13 – Pronika Sharma ..its contest of parrot, not of sparrow
    C14 – Akasha Bista ..aunty, namste, sanchai hunu hunchha?
    C15 – Sabita Manandhar ..smile sucks every good bout u
    C16 – Alisha Kunwar ..beautiful…come in
    C17 – Indira Rai ..wuiterrika, yo ke dekhnu paryo

    game is over but still its what i feel while having first sight on d above pics of them..lol.


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