Miss Nepal 1998 controversy, and Newar Miss Nepal (History of Miss Nepal)

The contestant number 9, Jyoti Pradhan was crowned Miss Nepal 1998. But, Jyoti was stripped off of her crowned when she didn’t return back home after participating in an international contest.

niru shrestha miss Nepal 1998 -1

The official Miss Nepal 1998 is the contestant number 4, Niru Shrestha. Niru was originally the first runner up. There is no official first runner up. The second runner up is Sreejana KC. Prabha Amatya and Kristi Shrestha were the third and the fourth runner ups respectively.

miss nepal 1998 jyoti shrestha (dethroned)

Niru Shrestha later pursued career as a pilot. Niru is the only Miss Nepal in that field. Until 1998, no official Miss Nepal was of Newar ethnicity (when Miss Nepal World 1997 is not considered Miss Nepal).

Newar Miss Nepal

The year 1998 marks the start of the crowning of Miss Nepal of Newar ethnicity. It was not only the dethroned Miss Nepal, Jyoti Pradhan was Newar, the Miss Nepal 1998 Niru Shrestha, is also a Newar. After that, more than half of all the Miss Nepal were of Newar ethnicity. The following two lists compare the Miss Nepal of Newar ethnicity.

Newar Miss Nepal (8 Miss Nepal after 1998)

Non-Newar Miss Nepal (7 Miss Nepal after 1998)

  • Shweta Singh (1999)
  • Malvika Subba (2002)
  • Priti Sitaula (2002)
  • Sugarika KC (2005)
  • Sitasma Chand (2007)
  • Zenisha Moktan (2009)
  • Subin Limbu (2014)

Most of the Miss Nepal winners’ ethnicity is Newari, but no winners before 1998 were Newar (except of course Miss Nepal World 1997 – Jharana Bajracharya)

Niru Shrestha, Miss Nepal 1998

Niru was 5 feet and 4 inches tall, 19-years-old beauty at the time of the contest. A resident of Maharajgunj was a pilot by training and she continued in her profession. She had joined the contest to “boost her confidence and represent Nepal globally.”

Niru had received flight training from a Texas based training center prior to the participation in Miss Nepal. After winning the contest, Niru had worked in Buddha Air as professional commercial pilot and co-pilot from 1998 to April of 2004. She went to the USA in 2005 to study Professional Aviation Pilot course in Indiana State University. After the completion of the two years long course, she had started graduate courses in the same university. Niru is living in the USA these days.

Full profile of Niru from the official record of Miss Nepal:


niru shrestha miss nepal 1998

Dethroned Miss Nepal 1998, Jyoti Pradhan’s profile:

jyoti pradhan miss nepal 1998

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