Miss Nawalparasi 2013 is Usha Ale Magar

The winner of Miss Nawalparasi 2013 beauty contest was Usha Ale Magar. It was the first such regional beauty contest held on December of 2013.

The first runner up was Sabina Malla and the second runner up was Ruby Shahi Thakuri.

Miss Nawalparasii 2013 Usha Ale Magar, Sabina and Ruby

The contest winner Usha Magar went to Denmark a month after the contest.

This news about Miss Nawalparasi beauty contest is posted a few months after the event was held. So, it’s posted for the archival purpose. Further details of the winners of the sub-titles and other details are not available.

Miss Nawalparasi 2013 contestants:


miss nawalparasi 2013 contestants

miss nawalparasi 2013

miss nawalparasi 2013 contestants photo session (1)

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