Miss Mongolian – one more ethnic beauty contest

As if we don’t have enough beauty contests for Mongol girls, one more beauty contests titled ‘Miss Mongolin’ has been announced by the organizers of Miss Tamang, Everest Fashion Home. There is another beauty contest by the same name – Miss Mongol by a different organizers.


The application for Miss Mongolian can be submitted by girls of Mongol origin with at least SLC pass and aged between 16 and 24 years. The contest is only open to Nepali citizen. The contest will have a maximum of 24 contestants in the final. The finalists will be selected in an audition among the applicants.

Other competing Mongolian beauty contests would be Miss Tamang, Miss Sherpa, Miss Newa, Miss Gurung, Miss Rai, Miss Limbu, Miss Magar, Miss Tamang and of course Miss Mongol. There might even more similar beauty contests.

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