Miss Mongol 2014 is Anista Gurung

This year’s Miss Mongol title went to Anista Gurung. The 6th edition of the beauty contest among Mongol girls was held on Saturday in Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi on April 5, 2014. Anista was crowned by the last year’s Miss Mongol winner Muskan Limbu. With the crown, Anista also won a cash prize of Rs. 100,000.

miss mongol - Anishtha gurung

The first runner ups of the contest was Annie Gurung and the second runner ups was Bibasana Dhenga. Each runner ups were awarded Rs. 15,000 in cash prize.

The judges of the contest were Purna Lama, Kamala Shrestha, Dhiraj Rai, Sona Shakya, Sapana Rokka Magar and Jayan Subba Manandhar.

Other title winners include – The Cultural Ambassador was Sirjana Bajracharya, Miss Smile was Amrita Sambahamphe, Miss Photogenic was Sabina Magar, Miss Personality was Sarita Tamang.

Similarly, Miss Hair was Parshuma Rai, Miss Skin was Aliza Ghale, Miss Discipline was Sunita Tamang, Miss Public Choice was Nigma Lhamu Sherpa and Miss Talent was Annie Gurung.

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