Miss Mongol 2014 contestants, Part 2 (no. 14-26)

UPDATE: Miss Mongol 2014 is the contestant no. 1 Anista Gurung.

The contestants of Miss Mongol 2014 are compiled in two-parts post. Miss Mongol 2014 is going to be held on April 5, 2015 among 25 Mongol beauties. Details about the audition and other details of the contest were posted earlier..

Click here for Part 1 of the contestants of Miss Mongol 2014.

Jyoti Gurung

Jyoti Gurung 1

Prashuma Rai

Prashuma Rai 1

Siringkala Rai

Siringkala Rai 1

Anuradha Gurung

Anuradha Gurung

Seetal Tamang

Seetal Tamang 1

Reshma Joshi

Reshma Joshi 1

Sunaita Tamang

Sunaita Tamang 1

Ashika Sambhamphe

Ashika Sambhanphe 1

Jhrana Subba

Jharana Subba 2

Nigma Lhamu Shrepa

24 Nigma Lhamu Sherpa 2

Anuara Rai

Aurara Rai 2

Annie Gurung

Annie Gurung 2

Eliza Ghale

Eliza Ghale 1

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