Miss Mongol 2014 contestants, Part 1 (no. 1-13)

UPDATE: Miss Mongol 2014 is the contestant no. 1 Anista Gurung.

The contestants selected for the finale of Miss Mongol 2014 are posted below. The beauty contest scheduled on April 5, 2015 has 25 Mongol beauties contesting for the title. In addition to the Miss Mongol 2014 title various other subtitles will also be awarded to the contestants. We wrote about the audition and other details of the contest in our previous post.

Click here for Part 2 of the contestants of Miss Mongol 2014.

Anista Gurung

Anista Gurung 1

Rista Rai

Rista Rai 1

Bibasana Dhenga

Bibasana Dhenga 1

Devika Sunuwar

Devika Sunuwar 1

Sirjana Bajracharya

Srijana Bajrachary 1

Amrita Sambahamphe

Amrita Sambahamphe 1

Sabina Magar

Sabina Magar 1

Bipisha Tamang

Bipasha Tamang 1

Muna Patuwar

Muna Putuwar 1

Sarita Tamang

Sarita Tamang 1

Merina Limbu

Merina Limbu 1

Sebika Rai

Sebika Rai 1

Sabina Tamang

Sabina Tamang 1

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