Miss Lumbini 2012 did a volunteer drive for an orphanage

Miss Lumbini 2012 Sweta Rajbhandari has distributed goods collected by the students of New Horizon school and Shanti Youth Club volunteers to a orphanage in Devdaha. Miss Lumbini had played an important role in mobilizing the volunteers in the donation drive. The event organized by Seven Nepal, Kathmandu and was held on November 11, 2012 .

miss_lumbini_orphanage_help (7)

The orphanage, Mayadevi Ashaya Anath Ashram is the home of 21 orphan kids. The donations included clothes, blankets, stationaries, cooking utensils, water filter and other day-to-day use items. In the similar manner, Miss Lumbini runner-up Sujata Gurung is also all set to help orphan and street children. Miss Gurung distributed goods to Atma Shanti Orphanage in Manigram, Anandban.




Miss Lumbini beauty contest was held in early 2012 and the top three winners were:

  • Miss Lumbini 2012 Winner- Shweta Rajbhandari
  • 1st Runner Up – Sujata Gurung
  • 2nd Runner Up – Sandhya Shrestha


Photo credit – Miss Lumbini’s Facebook page

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