Miss Earth India Aaital Khosla apologizes, Dibyata Vaidya supports

The Miss Earth India, 2015 Aaital Khosla had faced widespread criticism when she plagiarized the scenes from Nepal to claim them to be from India. The video shared by the official Miss Earth channel was removed within hours after protest.

Video report on the incident:

Aaital has redone the video by replacing the parts showing Nepal with that of India and has released a new video now for the video competition in Miss Earth completion.

In a message Aaital has written:

Dear Nepal,

I am sorry if I have inadvertently hurt your sentiments by showing parts of your land in my video. It was an unintentional mistake, which I known has caused your people anguish. I deeply regret the same. You are a dear neighbour and will remain so. I seek your forgiveness and I am sure you will be magnanimous in accepting my apology. Regards, Aaital.

aaital khosla

In response, Miss Nepal Earth Dibyata Vaidya has written:

The eco video has created a lot of agitation among Nepalese and I too was equally sad about it. I wanted to talk to Miss.India about it and get things sorted out. Things are very much clear and according to her it’s her national director who is the culprit behind the video as he uploaded without showing her and did not agree to delete it because it had lots of views. According to Aaital Khosla she does not even want an eco video but her ND uploaded a new video this morning which she is not aware about it. I too think that Miss Earth Organization should not give second chance as it would be unfair to other countries who have worked so hard in so much pressure to submit the video before the deadline.

I would like to spread her message to my beloved Nepali people that she is sorry for this mistake. Due to time constraints, she was not able to focus on her project which I can understand.

Lets not spread hatred, and spread only love.

I think the whole world needs extra love these days.

And let’s show how Nepali people are full of love and warmth and let’s shower nothing but love to Aaital Khosla.

aaital khosla and dibyata vaiday miss earth scandal

Miss Nepal Earth Dibyata Vaidya:

dibyata vaidya in UN Nepal stall

More details on the incident in xnepali.

The two videos to compare:

Previous version:

New version:

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