Miss Birgunj 2013 contestants (photos)

The first ever Miss Birgunj beauty contest is going to be held on December 7, 2013 in Birgunj. To introduce the contestants, we have compiled a list of participants. We couldn’t find the official photos (professional ones) of the contestants. These are the compilation of photos found in Facebook. The photos and the names of contestant no. 6 and 14 are not available.

1. Anita Poudel

Aarti shrestha, contestant no. 01

2. Pritika Rai

Pritika rai, contestant no. 02

3. Arpita Chaurasiya

arpita chaurasiya, contestant no. 03

4. Rabina Katwal

Rabina katwal, contestant no.04

5. Anita Poudel

Anita poudel, contestant no.05

7. Sunita Poudel

Sunita poudel, contestant no.07

9. Swekcha Shrestha

Swekcha Shrestha, contestant no. 09

10. Pratiksha Kunwar

Pratiksha kunwar, contestant no. 10

11. Laxmi Khadka

Laxmi khadka, contestant no. 11

12 Sneha Subedi

Sneha Subedi, contestant no.12

13. Aaska Sinha

Aaska Sinha, contestant no. 13 — with Aaska Sinha.

14. Sikha Dhakal

Shikha Dhakal, contestant no.14 — with Fabin Black Corpse.

16. Diksha Jain

Diksha Jain

17. Nilima Giri

Nilima giri, contestant no.17

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