Malvika Subba gives birth to a child, unique way of naming the child

Only five days after another Miss Nepal Jharana Bajracharya gave birth to a son, Miss Nepal 2002 Malvika Subba also gave birth to a son (news about Jharana Bajracharya’s childbirth). The son is named Zayir – the name made by writing his father’s Name Riyaz in the reverse order.

Video report:

I had written a biography of Malvika Subba a while ago where, details of Malvika’s life is written. I will shortly update the biography of the news of the birth of the son.

Malvika revealed the news of the childbirth after 10 days of the birth. The child was born on April 14 (Baisakh 5) by c-section method. Malvika told that she had placenta previa and couldn’t go into labor so, the doctors had to perform surgery for the childbirth. At the time of the birth he was 3.85 kg and healthy.

The new boy is named Zayir Rio Subba Shrestha. Malvika says, “Zayir also means roaring lion.” Rio is after Malvika’s dad who was known as Kid Rio during the days he was a boxing player.

Congratulation to Malvika Subba and Riyaz Shrestha for the new member in the family. I wish him a very bright future.

malvika subba child birth

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