Miss Nepal US 2012 (update: contestant profiles)

UPDATE– Astha Shrestha won the contest. The full list of the winners of Miss Nepal US 2012 is available in this post. This post contains the full profiles of the contestants of Miss Nepal US 2012. (consolidated in April, 2016)
Miss Nepal USA 2012 is going to be held on August 11, 2012 in Washington DC. Application is open for Nepali girls of age between 18 to 25 living all across the USA.

  • Beauty Contest – Miss Nepal USA 2012
  • Deadline of application – May 15, 2012
  • Event date – August 11, 2012
  • Event location – Washington DC, USA


Last year, Miss Nepal USA 2011 was Sujita Basnet, 1st Runner Up Tilasmi Bista and 2nd Runner Up Nabina Basnet.


The application is open for the beauties of Nepali origin, living in the USA

Winner of Miss Nepal USA is awarded $5,000 cash, a life insurance equivalent of Rs. 500,000, gifts, scholarships and opportunity to represent Nepal in various cultural events around the world.

Online application

Amrita Tuladhar – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Amrita Tuladhar is a  26-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Jackson Heights , NY. She is 5 feet 2 inch tall and weighs 96 Lbs.


Amrita Tuladhar loves reading, watching movies, dancing, shopping, and driving.

Defining herself in three words, Amrita Tuladhar says she is, ‘determined, strong and patient.’


Here is something more Amrita Tuladhar has to tell if she were selected to speak throughout the year:

Mostly about the caste system indifferences and lack of education in Nepal.


Arti Maharjan – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Arti Maharjan is a  20-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Santa Rosa, CA. She is 5 feet 5 inch tall and weighs 130 Lbs.


Arti loves traveling, modeling, dancing, cooking, community service, reading novels, sports, singing, music, Computer and socializing with people.

Defining herself in three words, Arti says that she is, ‘helpful, energetic, determined’ person.


Here is something more Arti Maharjan has to tell:

I was raised and born in a small beautiful village called – Badegaun Kathmandu Lalitpur Nepal. I am thrilled to represent both Nepali and Newari community at the same time i want to reach out and let my words to be heard by everyone.i have been living in USA for almost 7 years and still, i have not forgotten my beloved motherland, Nepal.i am very much proud to be born as a Nepali. Lastly, i would to like to take a few moment to thank my most important people of my life of course my parents allowing me to realize my own potential. All the support they have provided me over the years was the greatest gift anyone has ever given me and all my all friends who have always there for me and given me lots of supports and love throughout the years.


Astha Shrestha – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

UPDATE:Congratulation Astha Shrestha for winning Miss US 2012 title.

Astha Shrestha is a  18-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Gaithersburg , MD. She is 5 feet 5 inch tall and weighs 120 Lbs.


Astha loves singing, dancing, painting, ceramics, arts, sports, astronomy, fashion designing, travelling, public speaking and social service.

Defining herself in three words, Astha Shrestha says that she is, ‘artistic, passionate, ambitious’ person.


Here is something more Astha Shrestha has to tell:

I am a lover of the arts and I wish to major in music. I also have a YouTube channel where i have a few videos of me singing. This is the link to my YouTube channel.

Astha’s YouTube channel can be found here.

Here is Astha’s Facebook profile.


Dipti Sharma – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Dipti Sharma is a  23-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Minneapolis , MN. She is 5 feet 2 inch tall and weighs 110 Lbs.


Dipti loves dancing, traveling, music, reading, and photography

Defining herself in three words, Dipti Sharma says that she is, ‘compassionate, motivated, and determined’ person.

Here is something more Dipti Sharma has to tell:

I am proud to belong to a country which is rich in its cultural and its natural heritage. I am grateful to my family and friends for their unconditional support and encouragement. I hope to carry out my passion in making education opportunities more accessible to children in Nepal.



Rojina Parajuli – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Rojina Parajuli is a 23-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Lafayette Hill , PA . She is 5 feet 3 inch tall and weighs 110 Lbs.


Rojina loves listening to music, singing and dancing. She says, music is a big part of her life that inspires her everyday. Besides music, she is also interested in helping people and volunteering.


Defining herself in three words, Rojina Parajuli says, ‘Curious, caring and optimistic.’

Here is something more Rojina Parajuli has to say:

I would like to focus on awareness program related to the health issues of Nepalese women.

Photo credits – Rojina


Aashma Dhakal – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

One of the Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist 18-year-old, Aashma Dhakal, is 5 feet and 2 inches tall. Weighing 98 lbs Aashma has completed her high schoool.


Aashma loves dancing, singing, playing basketball and learning new things. She also has interest in community services and she likes contributing the most she can to Nepal.

Aashma is a confident girl and thinks herself as a pretty, smart and talented person.


Photo credits – Missnepalus.com

Interview (credits – nepricantimes.com):

1. Tell us little bit about yourself.

My name is Aashma Dhakal. Though I was born in Birgunj, I had been raised in Katmandu, Nepal. Since I had to move here 2 and half years ago, I could only attain my education till the end of 10th grade in Nepal. Now I am a high school graduate from Rush Henrietta Senior High School, Rochester, NY. Besides my interest in fashion industry, I prefer to dance, sing, play basketball, learn, and socialize.

2. How’s life different now from one before hearing about Miss Nepal USA?

I wouldn’t say, my life after hearing about Miss Nepal USA has changed drastically but it has however, given me the path to where I have always wanted to be. It has undoubtedly given me the opportunity to explore myself in the way I want to. Such beauty pageants have always fascinated me and finally believing that I can take a step to this world is no less than a dream come true.

3. Are you enjoying the process?

Indeed, I am enjoying the process gloriously. I have knowledge of the hard work and dedication that is required to win the pageant and thus going through the process of trying to learn more to be able to show my potentiality and preparing for the talent show has been quite enjoyable. The excitement itself brings all the joy to work through the process.

4. Do you have suggestions for young Nepalese-Americans growing up here for a great future ahead?

One thing I have learned living in US is there is no free lunch. Every individual need to earn their living. All of us Nepalese living in US right now, mostly students, would most probably be spending our parents money until we would acquire our degree if we were to be living in Nepal. But the truth is we are here and we need to face the life here overcoming our obstacles. My suggestion to all of you is build in love and respect towards this place which will inspire you to achieve your goals ahead in life.

5. You have accomplished so much in such a young age. What’s your long term plan?

This is my first step towards fashion industry, its my first attempt to exploring myself throughout the world. There is much more that I want to accomplish and I believe 18 is the right age to start at. My long term goal is to contribute my best in fashion world and in Nepal besides achieving a career in business.

6. What kind of positive developments would you like to see in Nepal in next 2-5 years?

In 2-5 years, I hope for a development of less poverty, less violence and more opportunities for youth in Nepal.

7. Who inspires you the most?

My parents of course, are the grand inspiration for me as they have always taught me to learn from my mistakes. Every time I look at their innocent faces, the desire in them of seeing their daughter be something great in life, inspires me the most. And I am here to fulfill their desire.

8. What made you interested in the fashion industry?

Fashion is a popular trend. The “popular” explains why I am interested in it. Fashion can exist in the style of dresses, ornaments or behaviors. Those styles reflect who you are. Fashion has the power to transform one’s image. Fashion shows my personality which attracts me towards it.

9. What makes you come alive? What makes you really happy about what you have done?

Every outcome for every effort that I put in to something I love is what makes me happy the most. Whether it is sweet or bitter, I get a sense of satisfaction as it is a result of my work.

10. What do you think about the current situation in Nepal?

I am very much aware of all the negative aspects creating so much hurdles in the overall development of Nepal but I want to look at the positive side of it. A place to be known as a developed one, it needs good people who despite of the bad people taking the place nowhere, still walk along with their positive attitude without giving up. So, I picture a better Nepal consisting better people for the future

11. What are 5 things you suggest Nepalese Americans do to contribute for the well being of Nepal?

No matter where you live, you always need to remember that you are a nepali. There are several things you can offer to the peace where you belong, out of which the following can play a part;

A. Flourishing your country all over by remaining active in this kind of campaigns.

B. Keeping network with your people back home which keeps the unity alive.

C. Grooming your talent and whatever you’re good at and placing that talent in front of everyone which will not only florish your name everywhere but also your country’s.

D. Continuing to follow your Nepali culture.

12. How do you think the world can be made a better place for future generations?

The hard work of the present generation is the only way to create a better environment for the future generation. People in present working hard for the development of our nation can be the best possible contribution of ours for the coming generations.

13. What do you think makes an ideal woman?

I believe that beauty, appearance and behavior all makes an ideal woman. Woman’s beauty of inner heart, her capability, her self respect, her confidence, her passion, her positive and optimistic view of herself characterizes an ideal woman. In addition, an ideal woman has the ability to give, listen, feel empathy, as well as make a good impression on one and all.

14. What do you suggest other people who have similar passion to help people but haven’t gotten to doing it?

I have always been very passionate about exploring myself and the talent I have. On top of that, if I get an opportunity to represent my country, I definitely would not want to back off. However, its about your choice to choose what you want to do with your life as you only get it once. Therefore, no matter what obstacles you get along the way, I suggest everyone out there to fight with it and overcome in the end.

15. Tell us few special moments that make you cry or make you smile from within.

Few moments that upsets me is when I see any kind of injustice anywhere with anybody. Watching the unkindly behavior of humans disturb me. However, at the same time I thinking about the great humans who are extraordinary, who are kind, helpful, achieved most from their life, it brings a joy within.

16. How are you planning to handle your demand in Nepalese community after you become Miss Nepal USA?

I have gotten this beautiful opportunity to participate in Miss Nepal USA 2012 and I definitely picture myself winning the crown. I get overwhelmed when I think about its overall consequences but in a positive way. But as we know that we learn from our experiences, I am all set to live that experience. I will do my best to fulfill all my responsibilities and duties towards my country with a very positive attitude.

17. How do you want to be remembered (after you are gone from this world)?

I want to be remembered as a ideal woman which every woman would envy. I want my name to never be gone from this world. And I wouldn’t get any better chance to explore who I am and contribute something to our country which would keep my name flowing from one generation to another.

18. Your message to Nepalese Americans.

Get the best out of you and show it to the world. Make your life as you imagine it to be and live life to its fullest as you have the opportunity here.

19. Being from Nepal, how do you find living in America?

I personally felt a huge amount of change living in America. Nepal, as we know lacks majority of opportunities we have here. The main lesson you learn in America, is to be independent. We get to explore ourselves how we want. For example, my parents viewed this fashion world as a waste of time and something that our culture doesn’t allow while after living here for 2 and half years, their perspective has changed and now as you see I am a finalist of miss Nepal USA 2012. Thus, overall, living here I have been exposed to various things that I would never learn in Nepal and I have and still will gain a lot of experiences which will I believe take me far ahead in life.

20. What’s the major barrier for you in interacting with Americans?

At the very beginning, it was quite hard to get along with American life as I was habituated of speaking Nepali most of the time in Nepal. However, as we know, if you have the will of learning something, nothing can stop you and so didn’t my will.

21. What do you do when you are not busy with your regular work?

After getting done with my school work and job, I like to hang out with my friends to explore and learn more of this world. I also love to watch music videos, read magazines and news papers as they keep me updated with the new fashion and news around the world.


Kinzaik Dwa – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Kinzaik Dwa is a 20-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist. Kinzaik is 115 lbs and 5 feet and 3 inches tall beauty.

Kinzalk Dwa_namaste

Kinzalk Dwa loves meeting new people, singing, dancing, listening to music, designing, and traveling.

Defining herself, Kinzalk Dwa thinks that she is kind, confident and friendly girl.

Kinzalk Dwa_red_gown_2

Photo credits – Kinzaik.


Supriya Giri – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Supriya Giri is a  23-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 108 lbs.


Supriya Giri loves swimming, dancing, travelling, shopping, cooking, and listening to music.

Defining herself Supriya Giri thinks that she is optimist, Ambitious, Dedicated


Photo credits – Supriya


Swechha Baral – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Swechha Baral is a  21-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist. She is 5 feet2 inch tall and weighs 105 Lbs.

Swechha Baral loves cooking, volunteering in social services, cooking, hiking, salsa dancing, reading, swimming, travelling,etc.

swechha baral_street_photo

Defining herself in three words, Swechha Baral says, ‘I am Nepali.’ Here is some more Swechha has to tell:

The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of like is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give.

Photo credits – Swechha


Swikriti Khanal – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Swikriti Khanal is a  23-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Belmont, MA. She is 5 feet 3 inch tall and weighs 101 lbs.

Swikriti Khanal_pose

Swikriti Khanal loves Dancing, Swimming, Modeling and many more.

Defining herself in three words, Swikriti says she is, ‘honest, smart and sensitive.’

Swikriti Khanal_swimming

Here is something more Swikriti Khanal has to tell:

I believe that I can stand as a true Nepali with clear understanding, love and respect towards the Nepali culture. I would like to use this platform to showcase my talents and passion for what I have in me for myself and for my nation. Thank you.

Swakriri_khanal_Nepali dress


Kandu L Sherpa (Karsang) – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Kandu L Sherpa (Karsang) is a  20-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Crested Butte , CO. She is 5 feet 4 inch tall and weighs 115 Lbs.


Kandu Sherpa loves swimming, dancing, mountain biking, skiing, reading fiction stories, learning anatomical terms, and public speaking among others.

Defining herself in three words, Kandu says that she is, ‘Confident, Hard-working, and organized.’


Here is something more Kandu L Sherpa has to tell if she could win the Miss Nepal US crown:

I would like to reflect far-western development region of Nepal, where people are under poverty line and dying for a shift of meal. If possible I would also like to join governmental work and encourage youth to participate in it.


Pramila Adhikari – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Pramila Adhikari is a 22-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Centreville , VA. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 107 Lbs.

Pramilad adhikari

Pramila loves dancing, volunteering, making friends and listening to music.

Defining herself in three words, Pramila Adhikari says that she is, ‘friendly, loyal and hard working’ person.

Pramila adhikari- scene

Here is something more Pramila Adhikari has to tell if she could win the Miss Nepal US 2012 title:

I would like to focus on bringing awareness to people by making advertisements on different subjects such as human trafficking, sex abuse and domestic violence so that everybody would know how the incidents get taken place, their consequences, remedies and precautions.


Barsha Moktan – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Barsha Moktan is a 22-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Lafayette Hill , PA. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 90 Lbs.


Barsha Moktan loves Nepali folk dance, music, long drives, travelling, volunteering, interpreting and meeting new people.

Defining herself in three words, Barsha Moktan says that she is, ‘Compassionate, determined and enthusiastic.’


Here is something more Barsha Moktan has to tell:

I graduated this year with my bachelors degree in biology and got accepted to Temple Kornberg School of Dentistry. I will be starting dental school from this fall to pursue my dream of becoming a successful dentist and help the underserved members here and in Nepal.

Photo credits – Barsha


Sangita Dhakal – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Sangita Dhakal is a  21-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist. She is 5 feet1 inch tall and weighs 108 Lbs.


Sangita Dhakal loves dancing, travelling, acting, cooking , reading, and many more…

Defining herself in three words, Sangita Dhakal says, ‘disciplined, passionate, confident.’ Here is something more Sangita Dhakal has to tell:

If I win this title, i will choose to speak about the women empowerment and also about the beauty of my country Nepal to show the world what we are (Nepali) and what we have.

sangita Dhakal_big_ear_ring


Sujeena Badal – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Sujeena Badal is a  23-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Gaithersburg , MD. She is 5 feet 3 inch tall and weighs 115 Lbs.


Sujeena loves dancing, singing, community service, cooking ethnic food, travelling and watching movies.

Defining herself in three words, Sujeena says that she is, ‘caring, passionate, and vivacious.’


Here is something more Sujeena Badal has to tell:

I am proud to be Nepali and to be born in such a wonderful country filled with cultural diversity, ethnicity, art and natural beauty.


Pragya Bhattarai – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Pragya Bhattarai is a  18-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Frisco , TX. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 109 lbs.


Pragya Bhattarai loves dancing, volunteering, exercising, anchoring, swimming.

Pragya says she can define herself in terms of, ‘dedication, determination, and commitments.’


If she were to be selected in Miss Nepal US, Pragya Bhattarai says:

If I am selected for this title, the platform I will be speaking on is health, education, and unity in my beautiful motherland, Nepal. Health is the root of all forces in life. All positive powers in this world are born from good health. Education is the start of a better future for Nepal. With the title, I want to be able to work alongside with many educational leaders in Nepal in order to help make Nepal among the top-rated education system in Asia and the world. Lastly, I would like to put more than just an effort in forming a strong, bold, and respectable unity in my country. I would love to join with many of the wonderful Nepalese political and social leaders in helping create an amazing country where all Nepalese citizens unite and respect each other to the fullest no matter how divided we seem. I might not be able to create total peace and harmony in Nepal, but I can start by contributing little by little to help make Nepal the most wonderful place on Earth.


Roshni Gurung – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Roshni Gurung is a  21-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Ridgewood , NY. She is 5 feet 2 inch tall and weighs 116 Lbs.


Roshni loves to cook, swim and dance. Dancing is her passion and she believes that she can express her talent, art, and deep hidden feelings through dance. During her leisure time, she also likes to watch movies and socialize with her friends and family.

Defining herself in three words, Roshni says that she is, ‘optimistic, intellectual, and humorous’ person.


Here is something more Roshni Gurung has to tell:

I have lived in the States for 10 years. I am currently a student living with my parents and siblings. Even though i have lived away from home,Nepal, my parents have taught me a lot about our culture and I have now grown up to learn to respect and cherish it. Every year, our Gurung society holds a Lochhar event and during this event my friends and I colaborate together and show case our Gurung culture. This way even if we are far away from home, we are still capable of preserving our culture and what our fore-fathers have left behind. I also co-hosted the Lochhar show this year and I am also a proud community board member of Gurung(Tamu) Society.


Rakshya Khatri – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Rakshya Khatri is a  22-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Marietta , GA. She is 5 feet4 inch tall and weighs 115 lbs.


Rakshya Khatri loves writing short stories, singing, dancing, sketching, music, cooking. Rakshya is also interested in public speaking, history, science and technology, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, fashion, and volunteering.

Defining herself in three words, Rakshya says that she is, ‘confident, driven and perfectionist.’

Rakshya says:

I am a senior undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering in Georgia Institute of Technology. I currently head an independent research on cancer drugs in a laboratory devoted to increasing efficacy of cancer drugs while decreasing the cost. I believe that when you love your job, it stops being a job and then only can you enjoy everyday fully.It gives me immense joy to know what I do helps in the battle against cancer. Also, I am very excited for this once in a lifetime experience I will share with all these amazing women from different walks of life and Miss Nepal US(A) family.



Michelle Lama – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Michelle Lama is a  20-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Woodside , NY. She is 5 feet 3 inch tall and weighs 100 lbs.

Michelle Lama_white_gown

Michelle Lama is an athlete. She loves playing every kind of sport, especially basketball. She also likes dancing and singing. She thinks music is an important part of her life.

Defining herself in three words, Michelle Lama says she is a ‘dreamer, believer, and achiever.’

If Michelle could win the title, she says she will work on, ‘feminism, women rights, importance of education, human trafficking, abuse to all gender and age, health care, and more….”



Nurja Shrestha – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Nurja Shrestha is a  22-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Irving , TX. She is 5 feet 4 inch tall and weighs 108 lbs.


Nurja Shrestha loves cooking, pets and shopping. In three words, Nurja says that she is, ‘hardworking, confident and loving.’

In case Nurja wins the title she says, “I would fulfill all the duties that are assigned to me if I win the pageant….I would like to encourage the youths abroad to go back to our country so that they contribute to the betterment of the nation..”



Prabina Bhattrai – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Prabina Bhattrai is a  18-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Lexington, KY. She is 5 feet 2 inch tall and weighs 105 lbs.


Prabina Bhattrai loves dancing,cooking, singing, modeling, helping old and needy people.

Defining herself in three words, Prabina says she is, ‘friendly,helpful and co-operative.’

If Prabina Bhattrai is selected as the Miss Nepal US, she says she,”will speak the issue of unemployment, environmental problem,law and so on throughout the year.”



Srajeena Joshee – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Srajeena Joshee is a  20-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Littleton , CO. She is 5 feet 4 inch tall and weighs 115 lbs.

Miss Nepal 2012 Shrijana-namste

Srajeena Joshee loves turning any time into a good time wherever she goes. She claims that her presence should radiate positive energy to everybody around.

Defining herself in three words, Srajeena Joshee says that she is, ‘cheerful, Positive and outgoing.’

Here is something more Srajeena Joshee has to tell

I am currently studying undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Colorado. I plan on attending pharmacy school after my undergraduate education. For everything I learn, I have a passion of giving it back to the community. I am currently working with students from the disadvantaged communities in Denver, CO, through AmeriCorps. I am serving the students of Abraham Lincoln High School, who are at a high-risk of dropout. The students come from various backgrounds including homeless, poverty, abusive parents, and victims of gang violence and domestic abuse. I help them acquire academic as well as emotional intelligence. I help train mentors (successful juniors and seniors) to implement “The Road to Success” curriculum with their freshmen mentees: the high-risk students. “The Road to Success” curriculum concentrates on developing social and emotional skills of students, and providing them with academic tutoring. The curriculum also allows students to improve their self confidence, to respect self and others, to develop leadership skills, and to become aware of the importance of social integrity. When I joined AmeriCorps to teach emotional intelligence to students, I also started learning from them. As I routinely listen to their stories, I am learning the value of human compassion and the power of empathy in healing. Also, I have been able to open them up and clearly understand their values and reasoning abilities. This experience has taught me to respect and understand differences in perspectives that come from diverse backgrounds. I would like to take my experience in improving the educational sector from the US to Nepal. I would like to participate in the Miss Nepal USA pageant because the participation will give me more power and opportunities to impact educational sectors in Nepal. I would love to have the opportunity to represent Nepali women in the 2012 pageant, and become an advocate for a positive change.

sirjana joshee_smile4


Shameen Shrestha – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Shameen Shrestha is a  20-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Annandale , VA. She is 5 feet 3 inch tall and weighs 110 lbs.


Shameen Shrestha loves to dance and travel. She is also interested in doing volunteer work, and currently she is serving as a volunteer in a hospital.

Defining herself in three words, Shameen says she is, ‘hard-working, modest, and friendly.’

If she could win the title Shameen says:

I would talk about the importance of education and equal rights among women and men. I would speak of the significance of unity among Nepali citizens in order to flourish. Nepal is a beautiful country, and if everybody works together as a good team, we can progress at a great pace.



Shristi Gajurel – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Shristi Gajurel is a  18-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Ridgewood , NY. She is 5 feet 3 inch tall and weighs 117 lbs.

shristi_gajurel closeup

Shristi loves traveling, reading, volunteering and music.

Defining herself in three words, Shristi Gajurel says she is: ‘motivated, positive and achiever.’

Shristi says:

I have always believed that we should never settle for anything that is less than our best. This attitude has helped me to give my best in everything. i also believe action speaks louder then intention.

shristi_gajurel smile

Nisha Shrestha – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Nisha Shrestha is a  26-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Union City , CA. She is 5 feet 2 inch tall and weighs 116 Lbs.

Nisha Shrestha, red-1piece

Nisha loves dancing, shopping, travelling, and hanging out with friends.

Defining herself in three words, Nisha Shrestha says she is, ‘responsible, friendly and easy going’ person.

If she wins the beauty contest, Nisha says:

In addition to better education and healthcare, I would definitely like to focus on bringing together great opinions and ideas of Nepali people all around the world.

Nisha Shrestha, saree


Sadikshya Silwal – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Sadikshya Silwal is a  22-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Phoenix , Az. She is 5 feet4 inch tall and weighs 120 Lbs.

Sadikshya Silwal

Sadikshya Silwal loves I am fond of dancing and travelling, I sing horribly but I do it anyway, I like being around people and mostly around Friends, my favorite pastime is surfing net, ESP. Facebook.
Defining herself in three words, Sadikshya Silwal says, ‘Enthusiastic, dedicated, go-getter’

If Sadikshya were to win the title, she says:

I have always had a soft corner for old people and kids so, I’d given an opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate  to work for that particular population. Also  looking at the present situation, there definitely is in need of someone to expose the wrong doers, so with the exposure I could get from this title, I can see myself being able to communicate to a large number of population both here and back home through different media. So this would be the platform/issues I would speak throughout the year.

Pageants like Miss Nepal US had always been a topic of great interest to Sadikshya. Plus, after the participation in ANA fashion extravaganza 2012, she discovered her love towards fashion, ramp and glamor. Such types of exposure from the events like this has a great impact on one’s voice heard by millions of people.


Sujana Rajkarnikar – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Sujana Rajkarnikar is a  23-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Winston-Salem , NC. She is 5 feet 2 inch tall and weighs 106 lbs.


Sujana Rajkarnikar loves dancing, travelling, fashion, music, and drawing.

Defining herself in three words, Sujana Rajkarnikar says that she is a, ‘hardworking, self-motivated and social’ person.

If Sujana could win the title, she says:

The main issue over the years I have noticed in Nepal is “Unity”. There is no common ground among people. There are always concerns regarding politics, ethnicity, castes and creeds. This title will let me have a voice to address these issues with the help of other people. Besides, being from biological background, I always wanted to diversify the medical research and knowledge in Nepal. This title will give me a chance to introduce, promote and raise awareness among the youth in Nepal about the importance of medical research.




Samikshya Sapkota – Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist

Samikshya Sapkota is a  21-year-old Miss Nepal US 2012 finalist from Leesburg , VA. She is 5 feet 4 inch tall and weighs 112 lbs.

samikshya sapkota_namaste

Samikshya Sapkota loves I love to dance and perform. Photography, social work and volunteering for my local hospital or for a cause. I also taught Health Education to middle school students and I love working with little children. Traveling and experiencing the world. Reading. Yoga.

Defining herself in three words, Samikshya says that she is, ‘energetic, friendly, and independent.’

If Samikshya is to win the Miss Nepal US title, she says:

I will speak about women rights both in Nepal and within the American society as well as education for children in Nepal.

samikshya sapkota_violin


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