Kavre Ladies Talent Show 2013 to be held on January 27

A talent show among the Kavrepalanchowk resident ladies is being held in Banepa Polytechnic Araniko Party Palace. The talent show is being organized for the last three years to recognize the local talent in the district.


From the applicant aged 16 to 24 years, 10 best ladies were selected from places like Dhulikhel, Banepa, Nala, Paanchkhal, Panuti, Sanga, Bhakunde, and Sankhu for the final contest. Choreographer Raju Fauju is training the selected participants to make them ready for the final event to be held on Magh 14 (January 27, 2013) in Banepa.


This is the fourth edition of the contest and the details of previous year’s winners are:

Kavre Ladies Talent 2011 (3rd)

The winner of the third edition of the event held in 2011, Kavre Ladies Talent 2011, was Sushmita Sapkota. The first runner up was Sirjana Pradhan and second runner up was Sabina Basnet.


Kavre Ladies Talent 2010 (second)

The winner of the second edition of the show, Kavre Ladies Talent 2010, was Pramita Thapa. The first runner up was Pratima Thapa and the second runner up was Ela Shakya.


Kavre Ladies Talent 2009 (first)

Winner of Kavre Ladies Talent 2009 was Sofiya Shakya. The runnerup was Renu Khulal KC and the second runner-up was Roja Shakya.



10 Contestants in the Kaver Ladies Talent Show 2013 are:

  1. Sabina Thapa Magar
  2. Khushi Basnet
  3. Roshani Tamang
  4. Jayanti Khadka
  5. Situ Thapa Magar
  6. Bhabishya Khadka
  7. Shreejana Shrestha
  8. Rubina Thapa
  9. Manisha Shrestha
  10. Asmita Pyakurel

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