Kabita Manandhar in ANA Fashion Extravaganza 2013

Kabita Manandhar is the daughter of well known Nepali actress Karishma Manandhar and film producer Binod Manandhar. Although Kabita is old enough to be a lead actress, Karishma still seems young enough to play the role of girls in twenties. A new movie featuring the actress in hot role, ‘Kina Kina’ is going to release soon.

Kabita manandhar - karishma daughter

Kabita has participated in a fashion competition, ANA Fashion Extravaganza 2013, to be held in the USA. The fashion event has been going on since 2008 to award a male and female the titles Mr. Vogue ANA and Miss Vogue ANA. Other titles awarded include Mr. and Miss Photogenic, best smile and friendship titles. More details on ANA Fashion Extravaganza and its history was posted earlier.

kabita manandhar (2)

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