Jyoti Magar Teej song – Drinking on Teej Dar, hot music video

Singer and model Jyoti Magar has released her version of Teej song, “Teejko Pary”. In the song, she says that she will be drinking a lot one the day. In the song written and recorded on Jyoti Magar’s voice, the visualization is also provocative. With Jyoti Magar the models in the music video are Kabita Sharma, Samjhana Budhathoki, Sarishma Samjali, Shilpa Khadka, and Premika Khanal.

A video report:

The music video is directed by Shiva BK and released by Kalinchowk Digital Nepal.

It is a common practice of the women these days to celebrate Teej Dar months ahead of the festival. They drink and have fun in such parties. The actual ‘dar’, a day before the Teej fasting is usually a sober ceremony. Watch the following video and comment on what do you think of the song.

Watch the music video:

jyoti magar teej song

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