Jyoti Magar shares tongue tease photos

Nepali singer and model Jyoti Magar had told in interviews that she will continue to show off her body. In the latest photos it seems, Jyoti has shown off her skills.

Jyoti Magar is known for controversies and exposure. She was banned from TV stations for wearing revealing clothes (banned in NTV and banned in Himalaya TV).

With these photos it is clear that Jyoti doesn’t want to stop being secucive. We need to wait how far she can go in term of teasing her fans.

The story goes like this:

A friend brings Jyoti a juicy and delecious dish. It was a lot. She was surprised and happy to eat the dish:
jyoti magar that is big

The temptation was so much, she wanted to taste it.
jyoti magar desires for it

Oh, how delicious it looks like:
jyoti magar tongue teaser 1

She is ready to eat whole of it…
jyoti magar tongue play

But, first she wanted to taste a little bit. So she ran her finger in the dish and licked it a little bit.
jyoti magar touches tongue

It was delicious. She couldn’t help but suck on every bit of the food on her finger. See, how much she is enjoying the dish:
jyoti magar tastes it

Jyoti enjoyed every bit of the dish and wants to have more of it. Did you enjoy?

UPDATE: October 2015

Singer and model Jyoti Magar is known for sexy and revealing outfits. Her suggestive song ‘Jimbal Bauki Chori…’ is very popular among listeners.


In stage shows, she wear short dress and revealing dress, attracting a large crowd. In online social networks she is known to shares hot photos. The following video shows tongue tease of the the model and singer Jyoti Magar.

To the nay-sayers Jyoti says that she is doing what she likes doing and don’t care what others say. Watch the following video:

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