Jyoti Magar feels bad when compared to Archane Paneru (interview)

Singe and model Jyoti Magar is often compared to Archana Paneru . But, when asked, Jyoti told that she feels bad when compared with such an immature and  vulgar model.

In the following list of 4 model/actresses who made it big by taking off their clothes, both Jyoti and Arachana are in the list.

Please watch the following video and comment on Jyoti’s statement:

jyoti magar and archana paneru

Although Jyoti Magar is a lok geet singer, she is more popular as a model and stage singer. She models in music videos of the songs she sings and the songs by other singers. Skimpy ane revealing clothes usually lands her in controversies. A couple of interview and programs featuring Jyoti Magar were censored by Nepal Television and a private television.

In the other hand, Archana Paneru didn’t have anything in her credit at the time she became popular. She shed her clothes to be popular and that popularity landed her in music video modelling and ultimately in the leading role in a feature movie. Archana’s debut movie ‘Jism’ is being directed by Raju Giri. Archana’s shady reputation had caused a lot of problem to the film production team. Archana doesn’t have many friends in the entertainment industry. She had also done her best to alienate herself by accusing some producers and directors of asking sexual favour.

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