Jyoti Magar – another interview banned for excessive exposure

The singer and model Jyoti Magar is known to wear low-cut dress for an excessive exposure. When NTV Plus found her dress inappropriate for the channel, they deleted her interview from a talk show related to Teej festival. In response to the banning Jyoti questioned the intention of the television management.

jyoti magar backstage korea

Photo – Photo taken in backstage in a stage show in Korea

Now, another television station also found her interview inappropriate and has  stopped the broadcast of her interview. Jyoti Magar was invited to a comedy program in Himalayan TV ‘Jogindar Bole Pranamji’. The TV management decided to stop the program when they found the dress Jyoti was wearing during the interview inappropriate.

Both Jyoti and TV management should investigate and rectify the problem of dress code instead of stopping the broadcast of already recorded program. From these incident it is clear that both the interviewers and interviewee are unaware of the dress code the TV management implement.

In an interview, Jyoti responded, “People with dirty thoughts see bathroom in a kitchen.”

jyoti magar - kitchen and toilet

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